Marketers can use residential IPs as proxy networks to combat ad fraud

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July 30, 2020, 5:34 PM UTC

Fraudsters can easily spot data centre IPs and change tack to avoid detection.

With multiple intermediaries working in the delivery of online ads, it is becoming difficult for brands to track activity. To find out whether a third-party company is actually relaying the advert to the target audience, marketers should imitate consumer behaviour by using residential IP addresses as proxy networks.

Using a typical consumer IP can help brands simulate the presence of legitimate users. Along with enabling brands to see the advertising campaign exactly as their target audiences would see, the technique would make it difficult for fraudsters to spot it. 

Otherwise, if the fraudsters spot any tracking activity, they can immediately change the course of the advert. With ad fraud getting increasingly smarter, brands also need to be on their toes to combat the menace.

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