Leverage first-party data to understand consumers and add a human touch to marketing campaigns

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July 30, 2020, 8:53 AM UTC

Diversity among the creative teams in terms of race, gender identity and more results in richer content.

To create creative content and messaging that emotionally resonates with consumers in data-heavy marketing campaigns, brands must use first-party data. Interpreting data with a human touch in the context of current events helps brands avoid appearing tone-deaf.

Marketers must leverage data as a guide for creative ideas and analyse it from a human perspective to understand consumers. Building diverse creative teams across the business can help brands craft content that is far richer and resonates with consumers.

While AI algorithms can help businesses scale up, be faster and more efficient, they still need to learn to empathise while moving away from ingrained biases. Brands must use data to be informed and create engaging marketing campaigns that connect with humans.

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