Incorporating multimedia formats in blogs can help create an immersive experience

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July 30, 2020, 5:23 PM UTC

Even with a shift towards video and social media, marketers still prefer blogging to build brand awareness and nurture engaged audiences.

Marketers can include multiple media formats in their blogs, like image galleries and podcast episodes. Adding visual elements like memes and graphics can turn monotonous texts into rich, multifaceted stories. These formats can increase on-site time and simultaneously make the content more attractive and shareable. 

Brands should find their deeper purpose and create content that focuses on causes beyond business offerings. Starbucks, for instance, creates content, which revolves around sustainability, inclusivity and community well-being apart from new recipes.

Businesses can also invite their community members to contribute content ideas and creative expressions to their blog content. Offering tactical advice, product or process tips can help create relevant and aspirational content.

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