Leveraging predictive marketing can help brands better prepare for the post-COVID world

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July 27, 2020, 5:59 PM UTC

Predictive marketing is the established practise of using data, analytics and technology to make informed marketing decisions.

To properly utilise predictive marketing during the pandemic, brands need to track consumer-purchasing behaviour by leveraging new data sources. Combining existing purchase data with third-party transactional data can help businesses understand evolving customer habits.

These insights can help brands offer products/services in the customers’ preferred new format, like ecommerce and curbside pickup. Businesses must also have a real-time, flexible communication strategy to address changing consumer behaviours and preferences during the crisis.

Brands can combine their business, consumer and intent data sets with internal predictive models to identify emerging opportunities. They should also look for new business engagement patterns and competitive shifts. With expanded data assets, predictive marketing can help deliver personalised customer experiences even during the pandemic.

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