74% of companies plan to integrate AI into enterprise applications within three years

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July 27, 2020, 8:17 AM UTC

Businesses are moving from the “early adopters” phase towards an “early majority” chapter with AI.

Deloitte’s recent analysis of AI in enterprises reveals that 74% of senior executives plan to integrate AI into all their enterprise applications within three years. With AI production deployments and a high level of AI expertise across the board, at least 26% of companies are considered “seasoned” AI adopters.

Further, 45% of these companies said AI gave them a substantial lead over competitors, compared to 26% of non-seasoned adopters. However, with 47% of those polled primarily leveraging AI for IT, 55% reported not experiencing any competitive advantage at all.

These companies ranked functions like marketing, human resources, legal, and procurement lowest for the list of AI-driven functions. Only 45% of executives were highly skilled to integrate AI technology into existing IT environments.

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