Twitter could look to a subscription model as an alternate revenue source

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July 24, 2020, 7:31 AM UTC

Despite all the disruptions in 2020, Twitter’s audience engagement has gone up by 34% YoY.

Of late, Twitter’s ad revenue went down 23% owing to the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter ad pause and the social media brand boycott even though the company had a strong start to 2020. The article shares that the company could test out subscriptions this year to diversify revenue away from advertising.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey says, “We do think there is a world where subscription can be complimentary”. Twitter’s total revenue in Q2 2020 was down 19% YoY at $683 million.

Further, as sports slowly make a comeback, Twitter could benefit from the audience growth, and “sponsorship and advertising content opportunities”. Additionally, the company has finished rebuilding its ad server Mobile Application Promotion (MAP) to better target and monetise ads.

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