Rank trending keywords aligned with brand values in marketing copies to optimise for SEO

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July 24, 2020, 3:05 AM UTC

Planning a dynamic content strategy can help brands respond to sudden events without abandoning the original strategy.

Brands must make room for current events into their content marketing strategies to rank trending keywords in copies and boost SEO. Before crafting content with trending keywords, consider brand motives to ensure it serves to connect with affected consumers and demonstrates value.

Creating value-driven and relevant content, while focusing on trends can help brands effectively connect with consumers. Marketers must respond to ongoing events with empathy and transparency in their copies and avoid alienating consumers who might be impacted.

Refocusing content efforts on clients’ and consumers’ needs is recommenced to interact and engage with them during crises like COVID-19. Avoid sharing irrelevant and inauthentic content and create content based on secondary trending searches related to the brand’s niche or products.

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