Considering the lag time between ad click and conversions can help manage Amazon Sponsored Products

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July 24, 2020, 5:12 PM UTC

It can also help advertisers understand the full value driven by each ad on Amazon product search.

To drive effective results from Amazon search ads, advertisers must analyse click-to-order period between when a user clicks on an ad and when they purchase the product. This piece says that more than 20% of 30-day conversions happen after the first 24 hours of the click.

The conversion numbers further increase for businesses that sell products with longer consideration cycles. Advertisers should also note that the nature of the product and its price hugely influences the lag time between an ad-click and conversion.

Brands should also consider factors like seasonal changes in consumer behaviour. Analysing the performance around key shopping days like Black Friday and Prime Day can further help estimate probable shifts in latent order value.

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