Businesses can use upselling apps to increase the average order value and boost conversions

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July 23, 2020, 4:50 PM UTC

Using technology to combine personalisation and upselling techniques can push up revenue. 

Brands should look to upsell before they complete a purchase by recommending other products that complement their current buy. Leveraging upselling apps can help businesses highlight relevant products according to individual consumer needs and purchase history. 

Offering rewards to loyal customers can further help brands boost conversions as approximately 15% of loyal consumers can generate around 55% to 70% of total sales. The author says that retaining existing customers can exponentially increase profit. 

Ecommerce brands should also ensure their platforms are optimised for mobile devices because more than half of online shoppers make purchases through their smartphones. Offering multiple payment gateways and finance options can help consumers pay at their convenience, which can further push the purchase rates. 

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