Anticipate content needs and understand audiences to withstand Google’s algorithm updates

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July 23, 2020, 1:54 AM UTC

Develop a good user experience to augment search ranking.

To produce high-ranking content that survives Google’s algorithm updates, brands must enhance marketing strategies and anticipate consumers' content needs. Building a website with improved user experience and quality content can help SEOs exceed users’ expectations and rank better.

ESPN’s Carolyn Shelby says that the “trick” is to anticipate what the users and target audiences want and to present that to Google “on a silver platter”. Address audiences' content needs to demonstrate an understanding of consumers to Google, to improve search ranking.

Eric Wu of Honey Science says that well-written content indicates a brand's understanding of its audiences, which helps rank higher on search. Create content that provides answers for consumer queries, even if they aren’t aware of their needs to boost search ranking in Google.

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