Research audiences to gather data and create relevant live-stream campaigns

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July 22, 2020, 6:49 AM UTC

Hosting live-streams with interactive Q&A topics can help marketers guide the discussion and boost engagement.

This article suggests marketers adopting live video marketing to promote products, narrate brand stories, and improve engagements. Researching about audiences' spending habits, lifestyle, and brand affinities is recommended to create relevant live-stream campaigns.

Practice the live-streaming sessions before broadcasting and create a regular schedule with weekly live-streams to maintain engagement and avoid technical glitches during the actual streaming. Marketers could mix things up by using different formats and topics to find content that resonates with their audiences.

To enhance their public profile, brands must reach out to trusted local influencers to host live-streaming sessions and attract new groups of followers. Promoting live-stream broadcasts through channels like email and websites can help maximise viewership.

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