Including referral emails in a messaging mix can help brands target new look-a-like audiences

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July 22, 2020, 12:09 PM UTC

Send referral emails to sample audiences and optimise the messaging with A/B testing to improve responses.

This piece suggests brands include referral emails in the messaging mix to connect with existing customers and to target new look-a-like audiences. Leverage data from surveys or look for most engaged consumers to identify brand advocates to write effective referral emails.

Brands can then engage these segments of consumers via referral emails and push notifications for reminders. Creating referral codes and including incentives in CTAs like discounts can prompt consumers to act and share the referral messages.

Marketers should carefully position their referral emails according to their industry and consumers to avoid appearing too pushy. Emphasising on the incentives or making consumers feel good about helping their friends can help brands make their referral messages appear less promotional.

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