Brands should use "dynamic" video platforms to give customers better access

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July 22, 2020, 7:12 PM UTC

Optimising marketing videos for both desktop and mobile can be very beneficial

Brands should ensure their videos are optimised for mobile since a majority of US internet users watch videos on a mobile device. They should simultaneously ensure that video platforms they use cater to different device capabilities.

To create more value for viewers, brands should use videos to tell an engaging story, rather than pitching sales. Using a professional voiceover in marketing videos can further captivate user attention. Leveraging large fonts and enlarging important messaging, like brand names and website URL, can help make in-video texts more readable.

Marketers should also make sure the script conveys a concise, clear and passionate image about the business. They can further film their videos in short segments, instead of shooting a long reel, to reduce errors.

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