Brands should create short and eye-catching ads to target Gen Z on CTV

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July 22, 2020, 2:39 PM UTC

Gen Z has the power to influence other earning members of the family or community.

Businesses should focus on CTV and OTT, instead of linear TV, to target young consumers. Both millennials and Gen Z watch TV while simultaneously consuming media via various online sources. Creating ads based on Gen Z’s preferences, interests and viewing habits can help advertisers effectively target the demographic.

Making ad copies short and attractive can help keep Gen Z consumers invested as their attention lasts approximately eight seconds. The short length and light ad loads on CTV make them more attractive to the demographic than linear TV commercials.

Organisations should highlight brand values in their advertisements as Gen Zers factor in values while making purchase decisions. Marketers should also note the young consumers expect brands to use technological innovations in their campaigns.

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