B2B businesses must rethink their narrative to operate in the new reality

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July 22, 2020, 1:23 AM UTC

Being upfront about their position to employees and consumers can help brands set realistic goals and expectations.

This piece suggests marketing strategies B2B businesses can use to reinforce their position in the market and be remembered amid the pandemic and beyond. Businesses are recommended to rethink their narrative in terms of what they have to offer to operate successfully in the new reality.

Capitalising on new sales channels, leveraging digital media, making operational pivots and more is suggested. Establishing virtual connections through calls or webinars is useful in staying in touch and remaining active among prospective consumers.

Collaborating with vendors to offer discounts can help brands form strategic partnerships and stay relevant. Adopt more purposeful and cause-driven approaches with emphasis on humanitarian causes to offer more value to consumers during crises.

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