Auditing supply paths on an exchange-by-exchange basis can help advertisers boost ROI

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July 22, 2020, 11:30 AM UTC

Regular audits can help better optimise ad campaigns.

In the wake of pandemic-related economic uncertainty, advertisers need to audit and optimise supply paths to generate more ROIs. To ensure maximum profitability, marketers should manually analyse individual exchanges instead of measuring the average performance across the inventory.

Marketers can conduct small but broadly targeted tests to better analyse each exchange. They can test creative formats like banners and videos, or natives that buyers plan to use or analyse the site lists. Even a $1,000 investment can help yield enough data for effective first tests.

Advertisers can then completely cut off the worst-performing exchanges or increase the budget on those that perform better. They can also develop a direct buying relationship with high performing exchanges to increase click-through-rates.

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