Identify pain points and build consumer profiles to create an effective brand identity

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July 21, 2020, 2:01 AM UTC

Measuring website traffic and social media engagements can help monitor brand identity.

This piece suggests leveraging brand identity to allow brands and course creators to create valuable content and build trust and credibility among consumers. Brand identity comprises of creative elements like business name, typography, colour palette, and more for companies to be able to distinguish themselves.

To develop a brand identity, create consumer profiles by identifying audiences' pain points, motives, and more and offer unique value propositions (UVP). Analysing competitors allows marketers to gather new ideas for their brand and identify potential market opportunities.

Creating a brand style guide can help in creating content with consistent language, colours, and typography across platforms and marketing channels. Integrate the brand identity with existing communities on social media platforms and websites to generate leads and reach new people.

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