Ecommerce businesses must conduct data-based keyword research to improve traffic

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July 21, 2020, 1:42 AM UTC

If not implemented correctly, being data-driven could be a big challenge for these businesses.

This article talks about the importance of being data-driven for ecommerce businesses and how data can be used to improve organic traffic. Ecommerce businesses must focus on mobile-first indexing and optimise the website for increasing page load speeds, make it mobile-friendly and streamline the user experience.

A data-driven approach must be implemented while creating SEO strategies. The keyword research being conducted must be based on the data collected through consumer behaviour, search patterns and search volume.

The article recommends using surveys and forms to collect customer data like purchase history, geographic data and customer demographics. The author notes that collecting, analysing and implementing data are the three pillars of a successful data-driven approach.

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