Leverage data to identify and understand consumer pain points and improve communication

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July 20, 2020, 12:13 PM UTC

Brands can identify their consumers' performance evaluators to better influence their purchase decisions.

To collect consumer data for marketing campaigns and earn consumer trust, brands must seek relevant information related to customers' problems. Getting to know consumers' communication frequency and preference is recommended to streamline media sources and communicate effectively.

Understanding consumers' pain points, search intent, and what they value the most can help brands resolve their issues effectively and serve them. Create programs enabling consumers to update contact information as and when it changes and gather their physical location and time zones to target users with personalised marketing messages.

Marketers must consider consumers' sentiments and create messaging that resonates with their perceptions. Collect consumer feedback daily, evaluate customer support call volumes, and analyse website analytics to identify gaps, enhance product and content strategy to drive sales.

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