Implement agile practices to improve productivity and achieve a higher quality of work

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July 20, 2020, 7:43 AM UTC

Daily stand-ups, user stories, retrospectives, frequent releases, and digital Kanban boards are popular Agile practices, as per State of Agile Marketing Report.

This article recommends adopting agile practices to have an in-depth understanding of consumers and make informed decisions. Agile practices can help prioritise work, change approaches based on feedback, and improve work productivity and quality.

Conduct daily, short-term strategy sessions facilitated by a scrum master among team members working on the same projects. To align strategic, tactical, and internal goals, create user stories with perspectives from leadership to guide marketers on decision-making.

With 43% of marketers having embraced retrospectives, retrospectives allow marketers to discuss what went right and wrong in processes and find alternative ways to address challenges. Brands must release frequent initiatives and develop digital Kanban boards with visual workflows to build and monitor campaigns.

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