Creating websites with keywords in the domain name can influence search ranking

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July 20, 2020, 11:26 AM UTC

Investigate factors like link profile, previous owners and activities to avoid spammy domain names.

This article suggests domain-related factors brands should consider during an SEO audit to boost search ranking. Choose a short, simple and memorable domain name and conduct link audits with tools like Ahrefs to check its history and avoid spammy links.

Including keywords in domain names and evaluating domain registration length with tools like GoDaddy’s WHOIS can improve search ranking. Having an exact-match domain name with a high-quality website is recommended to prevent poor quality sites from obtaining higher ranking domain names.

Brands can use private WHOIS registrations for domain names to find spammy links and blog networks. Leverage the Panguin tool to check whether the domain’s previous owner has been penalised and use Google Analytics to evaluate the corresponding drop in traffic.

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