B2B websites can optimise their “Thank You” pages to engage customers post-purchase

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July 20, 2020, 5:16 PM UTC

Thank You pages should highlight relevant businesses offerings, other than already purchased products.

Instead of creating generic “Thank You” pages to acknowledge purchases, B2B marketers should make them informative and engaging to anchor customers for the longest duration possible. Adding a short-survey or a review, or promoting other products on the Thank You page can help captivate consumer interests.

Marketers can appeal to prospects at the various stages of the buyers’ journey with additional content to keep visitors engaged throughout the funnel. Providing detailed insights on certain topics and guiding prospects through each step with clear CTAs can help maintain the engagement.

B2B companies can repurpose old content into different formats, like ebook or infographics, to get more value out of content pieces. Marketers can also re-optimise high performing web pages with accurate links and CTAs to improve conversions and user experiences.

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