Virtual tours are an authentic way of advertising complex and high-value products: Study

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July 17, 2020, 11:45 AM UTC

Consumers were are also found to be favourably inclined towards virtual tours.

Providing 360-degree virtual tours to consumers can help brands better promote complex, high-value goods or tourist destinations, a Journal of Advertising Research study found. Virtual tours make customer interactions more authentic and reduce any perceived brand manipulation. 

VR tours help the customer get a first-hand feel of the product and help provide a more in-depth insight into the product functions and benefits. They further assist consumers in taking firm buying decisions.

The study found virtual tours are a robust and reliable form of advertisement, as they remain independent of the device and customer moods. The research was conducted in three phases where consumers rated self-guided virtual experiences based on “telepresence”, “authenticity” and “perceived manipulative intent”.

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