Create PDF files with good content and optimise titles to improve search ranking

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July 17, 2020, 3:01 AM UTC

Analytics system and third-party data tools like Google Search Console can track the performance of PDF files.

This article suggests SEO techniques marketers can use to boost the search rankings of PDF files. While PDFs aren’t ideal for SEO, writing good content and optimising titles and descriptions of PDFs can augment their search ranking.

Adding alt texts to images in PDF files from property settings allows search engines to understand the content of files and rank them better. Brands must save PDFs with file names relevant to the content topics, as the file names appear as part of the URL.

Assign appropriate headings like H1 in property settings and include links in PDFs to enhance SEO. Examining server logs can help brands track PDF files, as access requests for the files are recorded in the log files.

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