Businesses should atomise their content to give it a broader audience reach

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July 17, 2020, 7:04 PM UTC

Content atomisation refers to breaking down larger content pieces into easily consumable bits.

With audiences consuming content in various formats on different platforms, brands should break their content into smaller parts to make them accessible across channels. This approach not only makes the brand agile and adaptable to different digital channels but also helps in maintaining consistency in the overall brand messaging.

Brands can also leverage customer data to identify platforms, formats and themes preferred by the audience. Collecting insights from sources like focus groups, interviews, large-scale surveys or content research tools, can help marketers create content that resonates with their prospects’ values and beliefs.

Marketers can also consider creating interactive content, like live Facebook Q&As, to encourage customer interaction and drive engagement. Using a content management system (CMS) can further help brands offer tailored omnichannel experiences from a centralised platform.

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