61% of Americans say that practicing social distancing should be a legal requirement for businesses

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July 16, 2020, 1:06 AM UTC

Consumer Reports (CR) polled 1,014 US adults to gain insights into consumer behaviours, attitudes, and finances.

The report states 61% of Americans believe that practical social distancing measures should be a legal requirement for businesses. 59% of Americans would support local businesses that follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Of those polled, 75% support states implementing legislation allowing businesses the legal right to refuse to serve non-social distancing abiding customers. When asked who is responsible for enforcing safety protocols, 37% respondents feel local businesses are, 36% think consumers, and government and law enforcement agencies were chosen by 8%.

Concerns about the virus spreading locally are prevalent among 76% of consumers, with 41% admitting to being “very concerned”. Black (58%) and Hispanic (47%) consumers are more likely to be “very concerned” compared to 37% of white consumers.

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