Emails about reopening should only include necessary information

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July 15, 2020, 5:19 PM UTC

They should also consider using bullet points for conveying the most important information easily.

Brands, which are reopening their operations shortly, should leverage emails to inform their prospects and customers about the necessary details. Marketers should use emails to communicate consumers about the new safety protocols and opening/closing timings, rather than over-stuffing them with usual descriptions.

To grab readers’ immediate attention and improve email-opening rates, marketers should write enticing subject lines that spark curiosity among the readers. New or less popular businesses can also include their unique selling points in the re-opening emails.

The author contends marketers should use emails to reassure customers during this difficult time. They can highlight their sanitisation measures and restricted visitor numbers among others. But, businesses should also ensure the aesthetics of their landing pages are aligned with the re-opening emails to maintain consistency.

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