Brands need shareable, engaging content to create compelling organic Facebook funnels

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July 15, 2020, 6:02 PM UTC

Businesses often struggle to create an organic Facebook funnel despite having an audience. 

Designing shareable and engaging content for an existing Facebook audience can help businesses increase their organic reach. The content should appeal to a vast cross-section of people so that more potential consumers are aware of the brand.

Since well-cultivated leads make larger purchases, brands should spend extra time to nurture their Facebook prospects during the middle-of-funnel stage. Depending on the business type, marketers can use quizzes, contests or giveaways and links to blog posts to craft Facebook link posts at this stage.

Brands should consistently analyse their page’s performance and refine content wherever they find prospects dropping off. If they have also been able to capture the prospect’s email addresses, they can follow-up with email marketing and draw them back in through promotions and discount codes.

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