B2B businesses must incorporate empathy in brand storytelling to engage audiences effectively

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July 15, 2020, 1:19 AM UTC

Crafting emotional brand stories can help marketers “hook” their audiences.

This piece suggests how B2B businesses can incorporate empathy into their stories across content types like blogs, videos and social media posts. Create contextual stories that solve consumers' problems and portray them as heroes to motivate and connect with them empathetically.

Empathetic storytelling can help brands display care for their consumers and keep them interested in the brand. An “About Us” page on the website can carry customer testimonials that express genuine consumer sentiments.

Demonstrating brand personality with creative, innovative, and passionate stories allows B2B businesses to express themselves more emotionally and connect with their audiences. Brands must create memorable content with resonating storylines to stimulate consumer responses at an emotional and psychological level.

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