Marketers should create image sitemaps to optimise their website images for better search rankings

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July 14, 2020, 3:10 PM UTC

Sitemaps can also increase the discoverability of website images.

Businesses should create dedicated image sitemaps, that include the URLs of all the images of their websites, to improve image search rankings. Since image sitemaps can also contain URLs from other domains that can enforce cross-domain restrictions, marketers can use content delivery networks (CDN) to host these images.

Hosting images on a CDN allows them to be served from the locations that are closest to the users. A CDN caches website images across multiple servers in different locations across the globe. It can further help them improve their website loading speed.

Marketers can also leverage browser caching to improve user experience, especially for frequent visitors. In browser caching, files are stored by a visitor's browser and allows for faster load times when visitors next visit the page.

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