Include competitive analysis, product trajectory forecast while creating an online business plan

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July 14, 2020, 1:38 AM UTC

Include details of customer personas, branding assets and more.

This article shares tips on how to create a business plan for an online business. Start with the essentials to include the business name, domain name and social handles. Brands must then describe the products they sell and the niche they serve.

The plan must also include a product trajectory forecast, wherein the product is classified under trajectories such as trending, fad, growing and stable. Brands must choose a business model they wish to adopt, i.e, to make, manufacture, wholesale or dropship. Further, determine a product acquisition model.

An overview of financials such as costs and pricing must be part of the business plan. This could include the product launch budget, product cost, product price, margins and more. Details of any competitive analysis conducted must be included in the plan.

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