Draft simpler ecommerce copywriting pieces to improve readability and increase conversions

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July 14, 2020, 11:51 AM UTC

Creating excellent ecommerce copywriting helps promote online stores, strategically communicate with consumers, optimise SEO and drive sales.

This article suggests marketers create ecommerce copies with different copywriting types to promote online stores and increase purchases. Writing copies with fewer words in each sentence and syllables in each word can help create easy-to-read and -convert ecommerce copies.

Test copies with click-through-action (CTA) buttons and uses words like “announcement” and “buzz” to build anticipation and improve content performance. Limiting copies to a 300 word mark or less and avoiding the use of negative words is recommended to improve conversion rates.

To create effective copies, understand consumers, craft engaging stories, avoid wordy sentences, focus on benefits and use bullet points. Copywriting ecommerce pages like the Product and About page allows brands to highlight unique selling prepositions and emotionally connect with consumers.

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