60% of buyers don't expect to re-engage with economic activities for at least a month, reveals study

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July 14, 2020, 5:49 PM UTC

Understanding consumers' response to their concerns can help marketers devise a more effective communication strategy.

Consumers are unlikely to return to their normal consumption habits due to safety concerns, a Kantar study has said. The majority of consumers said they do not expect to re-engage with normal economic activities like shopping, for at least a month.

The research has also identified six different customer types according to their response to the pandemic. While 34% of consumers are either indifferent or consider rules to be excessive, most people (65%) are concerned about the pandemic, albeit on differing levels.

Brands need to develop their strategic messaging addressing these different categories and their concerns. The current financial uncertainty has also pushed people towards investments or savings, with one in four consumers plan to take out more insurance.

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