Marketers can leverage Instagram Stories Highlights to promote their products

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July 13, 2020, 1:57 PM UTC

Highlights can be used to educate customers and prospects about promotions, share customer feedback, and drive sales.

Businesses can create Highlights for their promotional messages conveying information like discounts and the duration of the promotions. Creating separate Highlights for different topics like About Us, testimonials, location and portfolios, can provide profile visitors with an easy way to navigate through brand information.

Using the Instagram Stories’ countdown feature can also help brands create a sense of urgency among the viewers. Marketers can also communicate a sense to scarcity by posting a graphic on their Instagram Stories conveying limited stock of products or services.

But, audiences should be provided with a proper relevant context in the stories for them to be effective. Businesses should also avoid excessive self-promotional content in their stories and focus on high-value content to keep the viewers engaged.

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