Implement intelligent automation to analyse big data and improve decision-making process

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July 13, 2020, 2:57 AM UTC

Intelligent automation can help brands trigger re-engagement campaigns and send automated emails with personalised recommendations.

This article states that automated machine learning models can help brands effectively collect actionable insights from big data and improve marketing decision-making without humans. AI models with intelligent automation can extract insights from big data and notify marketers about new marketing opportunities in real-time.

With data privacy regulations like GDPR, marketers can leverage intelligent automation tools to deliver personalised experiences and messages without using personal data. It can help brands analyse consumers’ online behaviour and predict relevant messages they will respond to.

However, brands could use third-party consumer data to train machine learning models to make more advanced and accurate predictions. The author contends automation can predict purchasing patterns and help marketers make valuable decisions at the customer retention stage of the sales cycle.

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