Businesses can leverage heatmaps to measure visitor interaction with an individual webpage

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July 13, 2020, 11:52 AM UTC

Heatmaps are data visualisation tools that can help marketers analyse complex data using colours on a scale from red to blue.

Marketers can use heatmaps to find out the amount of information that audiences look for on a particular topic. Using heatmaps to identify the points where the visitors drop off from the webpage can allow businesses to adjust their content length accordingly.

Heatmaps can also help businesses find out the most clicked links on their websites. This can help brands determine if the internally linked articles on the websites are relevant for users according to their buying stages.

Brands can further use heatmaps to find out the areas where users expect to find the links. It can help detect Items that appear clickable but do not take visitors to another page and indicate that the webpage’s structure is unable to meet users’ expectations.

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