Internally linking website pages can help marketers decrease bounce rates

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July 10, 2020, 3:44 PM UTC

It can also increase the time visitors' spend on the website.

Brands should link their internal website pages, which are related to each other, to decrease bounce rates.  Apart from taking care of providing value to the visitors, brands should also be wary of excessive internal linking to maintain readability.

When linking to external links, businesses should ensure these open up in a new tab without disrupting the user journey on its website. Brands should also provide return options to the visitors for when they are finished with the newly opened tabs and do not lose track of their browsing journey.

Marketers can also create interesting 404 pages to help users get back on the website if they encounter a dead link. The 404 error pages can be customised to recommend other similar pages to redirect users back to the site.

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