Brands should invest in agile digital strategies to meet the changing needs of their consumers’

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July 10, 2020, 5:32 PM UTC

Digital transformation can offer flexibility to transform, improvise and experiment with new ways of marketing.

With continually changing consumers’ needs that are likely to be permanent, businesses should adopt digital-first strategies to serve customers. It can allow them to test new ad formats, follow search interests and product demands in real-time, and quickly develop creative variations for different audiences.

Marketers should also focus on building customer relationships instead of only focusing on driving sales. They can pivot their policies or adjust the tone of their website content and creatives to show sensitivity toward customers’ needs and concerns.

Analysing how current operations and strategies can complement or replace their past approaches can help brands ensure long-term success. The author suggests brands should get used to the new normal instead of only taking temporary measures to survive the pandemic.

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