Marketers can tease their podcasts on social media through video snippets

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July 09, 2020, 9:05 AM UTC

The snippet should convey only one complete thought to avoid confusing the viewers.

Businesses can create short video snippets of their podcast episodes and share them on social channels beforehand to build curiosity among their audiences. These video snippets do not need to be professionally shot. For instance, in the case of Zoom interviews, marketers can simply record their screens to create video clippings for their podcast teasers.

Podcasts can also be repurposed to create sharable content like memes and inspirational quotes, to engage more viewers. Marketers can also share behind-the-scene footage of their podcast recordings to attract audiences.

To enhance their reach and conversions, brands can interview influencers who already have “super-engaged” audiences, in their podcasts. The author also suggests marketers create timely episodes on recent trends and news to get more traction.

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