Brands can leverage videos to build trust among their audiences

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July 09, 2020, 4:56 PM UTC

They should create videos that highlight company values, internal processes and specialities

This piece argues videos can help businesses foster trust among their audiences as they enable prospects to have a closer look at the organisation. Being transparent about the internal operations in the videos and showcasing their USP can help brands stand out from their competitors.

Marketers should also openly embrace negative feedback and listen to customer opinions to build trust among their prospects. For instance, Domino’s Pizza launched the “Oh Yes We Did campaign” to acknowledge their customers’ criticism and used the feedback to chart a new course.

The author contends businesses should also be neutral while producing content, to create a decent first impression on their website visitors. Expressing real and honest opinions, as opposed to a salesy spin on their products, can endear the brand to the customers.

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