B2B brands should use visuals in their content to build an emotional connection with their customers

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July 09, 2020, 3:19 PM UTC

But, the visuals should align with the consumers' values to strengthen trust in the brand.

Businesses should use visuals in their B2B content, instead of solely relying on text, to foster an emotional connect with their customers. Including images and videos in the content can trigger emotional responses in the audiences. Sharing business journeys and highlighting employees or customers can further humanise the brand.

Personalising content at all stages of the sales funnel can further help B2B businesses appeal to their audiences at an emotional level. Brands should directly communicate with their B2B leads to understand their needs that go beyond the product specifications.

Marketers can also include case studies in their content to explain how their products and services have previously helped customers solve their problems. Adding testimonials from the existing customers can help support their brands’ narrative.

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