Addressing different groups at different stages of the sales funnel can help create better content

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July 09, 2020, 9:15 AM UTC

Tracking audience behaviour on the platforms they frequent can help understand their needs.

Marketers should design content for the “right” audiences, instead of trying to cater to the largest group of people possible. Building pieces of content that address specific groups of people at specific stages of the brand’s customer journey can drive better results than a more wholesale approach.

Brands need to understand their audiences by monitoring their search behaviour to optimise their marketing efforts. Marketers can use various methods and tools to recognise their customers’ needs and build content around it.

They can use analytical tools provided by Google to understand the motivations that drive the searches done by their audiences. Marketers should also leverage Keyword research – for common words and phrases – and Audience research – which is focused on future and strategy - to design successful content.

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