YouTube to enable mid-roll ads for videos that are eight minutes in length

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July 08, 2020, 1:41 AM UTC

Creators have the option to switch off or adjust the automatic ad placement if they want to.

A new monetisation policy announced by YouTube will allow all existing and future eight minute long videos to be eligible for mid-roll ads. The current monetisation policy requires videos to run at least 10 minutes long to be eligible for mid-roll ads.

Mid-roll ads will automatically be added to all videos of eight minutes in length from late July, including those previously opted out of the function. YouTube hopes to boost its ad inventory and increase its revenue with the move.

A cited report by OneZero states, with advertising rates nearly dropping 50% since the beginning of February, the company is likely looking to supplement those revenues and retain creators. Advertisers will have greater opportunities to improve their reach on YouTube.

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