Marketers are sharpening their focus on brand safety

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July 08, 2020, 7:30 PM UTC

The recent flurry of crises has increasingly been pushing brands to enquire into brand safety.

An analysis of marketing-related data from the last week has shown that brands are increasingly interested in brand safety. The issue has been brought into focus due to the immediacy of social media backlash.

Digital marketing resources are being revaluated and reallocated, to platforms that are in line with the brand’s values. Companies, which are yet to put-in safeguards against such risks, might end up harming their brand.

There has also been a decline in marketers’ searching on topics like “Customer Communications” and “Customer Experience and Engagement.” Conversely, there has been an uptick in “Customer Segmentation” and “Customer Behaviour”, suggesting that brands are reassessing how they can reach out to their customers.

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