Gen Z prefers brands that are authentic, survey finds

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July 08, 2020, 7:48 PM UTC

82% of this young demographic trust an organisation if it uses images of real customers in its adverts.

This piece states Gen Z consumers have high expectations for digital experiences, and it influences their thoughts about brands, shopping and technology. These young consumers value authenticity and social causes. Gen Zers consider product quality, positive reviews and customer service among the top three characteristics that establish their trust in a brand.

75% of Gen Z said they would buy a product if they can personalise it. Similarly, they believe a website will know what they are looking for, even before they tell it. These young consumers are ready to share personal information for customisation of products and services.

Gen Z is highly dependent on technology and they value tech-savviness. The article recommends marketers must strategically capitalise on the digital media channels to reach their younger audiences.

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