Brands must target right publications to leverage valuable link opportunities

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July 08, 2020, 12:28 PM UTC

Over 1.6 million backlinks were analysed to find publications that commonly linked back to content.

To target the right publications and improve KPIs, brands and agencies must leverage valuable link opportunities for targeted outreach campaigns. Content formats like listicles and search interest pieces have been successful in getting client coverage over the past few months.

Building relevant content with clients' specific expertise and strengths can help earn links from major industry-specific sites in the US. However, brands targeting the UK markets must create content with localised area sites and generic news media sites in mind to receive the largest selection of backlinks.

Sectors to regularly receive links from top publications are shopping and travel sites. Backlinks from publications like Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Evening Standard frequently reoccurred across business profiles in both the US and the UK from almost all sectors.

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