Amazon is taking on other streaming platforms in CTV ad business, and winning

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July 08, 2020, 9:31 AM UTC

The company’s ability to power attribution, new measurement techniques and high-quality inventory, gives it a competitive edge.

This piece argues Amazon has started taking the centre stage in the connected TV (CTV) advertising world. Unlike other platforms like Roku and YouTube, Amazon’s video supply has grown slowly. But, Amazon offers a high-quality inventory pool and its video supply is more focused on “higher-quality” programmers.

Amazon Publisher Services (APS) network, Fire TV platform, live sporting events on Prime Video and the ad-supported streaming video channels are adding to the platform’ growing inventory. Though platforms like Roku have more video supplies, they also have heavy ad loads.

Amazon’s transaction data also gives a competitive edge to its CTV ad business over other platforms. Unlike other retail attribution companies like Facebook, Amazon’s conversion reporting is standard for advertisers if they do it through its demand-side platform (DSP).

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