Marketers must avoid using spam words in emails to enhance email open rates

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July 07, 2020, 3:05 AM UTC

Use HTML sizing tools to measure the email size and optimise them to ideal sizes.

This article suggests strategies brands can use to enhance email open rates and improve campaign performance. Marketers should ensure the email size is lesser than 102 KB, as emails sent to Gmail, larger than this get “clipped” and are not counted as open unless users click “View Entire Message”.

Avoid using spam words like “affordable”, “bonus” and run emails through a spam test to prevent them from being sent to a junk folder. Writing clear, concise, interesting, and urgency-based subject lines is recommended to boost email open rates.

Brands can use surveys to find what their subscribers want and segment them based on their interest to create exciting emails. Analyse deliverability, sender reputation and score to improve email open rates.

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