Marketers can leverage Instagram Stories to grow their email lists

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July 07, 2020, 3:00 PM UTC

Instagram Stories create a sense of urgency that can encourage viewers to take action quicker.

Businesses can utilise Instagram Stories to nurture their leads and turn their engaged viewers into email subscribers. They can include a clickable link that can take interested users to a field where they can submit their email addresses. Marketers can also add question stickers in their Stories to gather feedback, and ask customers to share their email addresses.

Businesses can use their Instagram bios to promote company newsletters. They can also link their bios with the lead generation landing pages, which can explain customers the benefits of signing up for branded emails.

Marketers can add email addresses in the contact section of their Instagram profile. The article further states that when brands put email address as one of their communication media, customers are likely to contact the business via email.

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