Allocate fixed costs for campaigns to measure account-based marketing’s ROI

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July 07, 2020, 12:32 PM UTC

Including tools like content management system and CRM in martech can help brands execute ABM campaigns effectively.

This piece suggests strategies brands can use to calculate ROI from account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. Firstly, set realistic goals and objectives for ABM campaigns and evaluate current marketing strategies to identify metrics that could be improved.

Brands must assign fixed costs for every piece of content, including blogs, emails, and PPC to determine the cost of ABM campaigns and link ROIs. Identifying and measuring account-specific metrics like impressions and engagement levels can help marketers determine their influence on returns.

Tracking content engagement, coverage, and focus by measuring downloads or followers on social accounts can help brands estimate the content effectiveness. Over time, marketers can create datasets based on consumer behaviours to understand the long-term impact of their ABM strategies.

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